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In pursuit of social justice, the council aims to support the local Aboriginal community as it seeks:
  • The right to a distinct status & culture,
  • The right to self determination, and
  • The right to land.

The Brewarrina Aboriginal fish traps is evidence of the sohpisticated Aboriginal understanding of engineering, physics, the land and its natural resources.  The Ngemba people are identified as the original custodians and the traps are argued to be the oldest surviving human structure in the world .  The Ngemba people shared the traps with other tribes  including the Morowari, Paarkinji, Weilwan, Barabinja, Ualarai and Kamilaroi.   Particular traps were assigned to each family group and maintained under Aboriginal law.  Neighbouring tribes were invited to the fish traps to join corroborees, initiation ceremonies, and meetings for trade and barter.

Brewarrina has been subject to 2 Royal Commissions, 2 Public Enquiries, 2 Ombudsmans Reports, 2 Census periods as NSW"s most disadvantaged and dominant figure in dropping of the edge data.  Our small team is working hard to turn things around. 

The Brewarrina Mission is the oldest institutional type facility in the state established by the Aboriginal Protection Board in 1886.  The mission is associated with the 'Stolen Generation' and the removal of Aboriginal people from their homes during the 1930's.  The girls dormitory was also significant because it was utilised by the Aboriginal Protection Board to house young girls who were forcibly removed from their families to be educated in domestic work then sent out in NSW to work.  With no buildings remaining the area mantains a strong cultural connection with the original cemetry being maintained by the community.

Identified as one NSW"s most disadvantaged communities for well over a decade, Bre LALC aims to promote community building activities and work with key stakeholders who have a mission to support the states most disadvantaged.  

A non-statutory NSW Aboriginal Land Council was established in 1977 as a specialist Aboriginal lobby on land rights.  It called for the full scale recognition of Aboriginal rights to land, resolved to form the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council.  The Council campaigned as a voluntary group for land rights until the passage of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (NSW) in 1983.  Assisted by the NSW Aboriginal Land Council, the team at Brewarrina continue to work towards local land rights as we address the nations oldest outstanding land claim, a claim that has been outstanding since 1984.

If you are looking for contacts in and around Brewarrina, the following link will provide a list of all major service providers and contacts within the area.  Simply click the link below to view.

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The next member meeting is set for the 12 August.  It will be held at the Brewarrina Visitors Information Centre.  Restrictions at the moment mean we are limited to 25 people.  Stay tuned to see if this changes. For anyfeedback, requests, or Aboriginality applications, please contact our office or call John on mobile 0438 286 477.

With a website upgrade the Brewarrina LALC began looking into our media reach. Our organisation is supported by a state body, run by a group of passionate members and a determined board, and unfortunately we only have a staff of one. Recently out of administration our organisation, and community, has. . . CLICK HERE TO READ ON

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