Brewarrina LALC is guided by the NSW Land Rights Act when determining a request for confirmation of Aboriginality.  The act states:

A LALC should not write a letter of confirmation if the person being confirmed as Aboriginal is not first a member of the LALC.

The  NSW  Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (as amended) states a person wishing to join a Local NSW Aboriginal Land Council must:

  • want to be identified as a person of Aboriginal decent.

  • present documentation identifying their family's Aboriginal descent.

  • be accepted by their local Aboriginal community as a person of Aboriginal descent.  


Under the NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (as amended) your application for membership of your Local NSW Aboriginal Land Council is presented at a Local NSW Aboriginal Land Council meeting for discussion and its acceptance to be put to a vote.


A majority vote either way will decide your membership acceptance or rejection.  When a person seeks to become a member of a LALC, the members of a LALC must be satisfied that the person is in fact Aboriginal and must make a resolution to accept the person as a member before a LALC Chief Executive Officer can enter their name on a membership roll.

A letter confirming your acceptance as a member of your LALC will be sent to you via your mailing address. The letter should be on a letterhead and signed either by your Local NSW Aboriginal Land Council CEO or Chairperson. This letter is the NSWALC version of a Confirmation of Aboriginality. This letter can only be obtained by joining your local NSW Aboriginal Land Council.



Please note:  Requesting 'confirmation of Aboriginality' is not a fast process.  As stated above, these requests must be presented at a member's meetings and these meetings are only held once every few months.  You can check our home page to see the date of the next meeting.  

  • STEP 1:  Click the link below to download a copy of the application form.  As stated above the membership application establishes the basis for your claim for confirmation of Aboriginality.


  • STEP 2:  Complete the application form with as much detail as possible.  Feel free to add additional pages if required.  Your request will be presented to a small group representing the local community.  If the members present are not aware of the applicant the request will be rejected so it is best to include as much information as possible. 

  • STEP 3:  Send the completed application to us.  You can either scan it and email or post it to us at:



       Post:    PO Box 105, Brewarrina NSW 2839.

Once the application has been received it will be presented to the next member meeting.  If the application is approved you will receive your letter 'confirming Aboriginality' in the post shortly after the meeting.  If the application is rejected, you will receive a letter stating this shortly after the meeting. 


If you have any questions, call John on 0438 286 477. 

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