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Brewarrina LALC has united community leaders to establish our regions First Nations Leadership Group.  With strong representation from community groups and tribal nations the group aims to establish sound governance, transparency and ensure whole of community representation.  Stay tuned as our FNLG enters discussions to develop future opportunities. 


Brewarrina LALC teamed up with 'Healthabitat' to address urgent health related repairs to local social housing properties.  A big thanks to our team who worked with professionalism in near 50 degree heat.  Special thanks goes to the Healthabitat team who demonstrated respectful consultation, community inclusion and employed local contractors.  CLICK HERE 

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Stage 2 of the Brewarrina Mission Restoration Poject is underway as a team of local undergo a clean of Mission land.  The next phase of the project will see fencing to protect the land from stock, paving to assign walking areas and signage to ensure visitors don't disrupt sensitive areas.  To see our facebook post with more information CLICK HERE.  

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The Brewarrina community has championed an action to remove the Ngemba Community Working Party and Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly from our region.  This action is supported by the LALC as we work towards stronger community outcomes.  To see our facebook post which, based on the number of shares, had a significant reach CLICK HERE.


Penny Johnson and Naomi Train made the Brewarrina community proud by winning NSW titles as part of their TAFE studies.  Penny also took out the states top title being the 'Tafes higher education student of the year.'  Well done ladies, it is so great to see our leaders leading by example.  To read more about this check out our facebook post CLICK HERE.


Brewarrina LALC is supporting Pathfinders roll out a free birth certificate program in the region.  Connecting with key stakeholders we will bring community together to overcome as many ID issues as possible.  Pathfinders will be in Brewarrina on the 28 October to accept applications.  To read more on our facebook post . . CLICK HERE.


Brewarrina LALC has rented our office from the local council for nearly a decade.  2021 has been stamped as a time for change as the LALC secures a contract to purchase our new office to be located at 105 Bathurst Street.  Stay tuned as we plan a new direction and a big year.  We plan to move by January.  To read the full article CLICK HERE.  


Brewarrina LALC looks towards a future with Biodiversity conservation playing an important role within our model.  Directors Ted Gordon and Cecil Smith recently took the BCT team on a tour of some of our lands.  Connecting with key stakeholders in the conservation space has become a LALC priority.  To see our facebook post with more information CLICK HERE.  


The recent drought raised a lot of concerns about water in Brewarrina. You may recall the LALC teaming up with Dignity Water, Lanz Preistly and Roy Butler MP to bring fresh drinking water to Bre back in January. This time the LALC have teamed up with Steve Prodanovski and the AHO Hydropanel Project to bring. . . CLICK HERE TO READ ON

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