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Updated: Jun 25

The recent drought raised a lot of concerns about water in Brewarrina. You may recall the LALC teaming up with Dignity Water, Lanz Preistly and Roy Butler MP to bring fresh drinking water to Bre back in January. This time the LALC have teamed up with Steve Prodanovski and the AHO Hydropanel Project to bring a regular flow of clean drinking water to local households.

The Hydropanels will be installed on the roofs of local AHO / Mid Lach...lan properties. A tap will be installed internally (or externally if an internal one is not desired or if access is not viable). This solar / hydro product will provide the household with up to 4 litres of clean water each day (this may vary depending on the amount of humidity in the air). Director Loreen Coffey dropped in to check on the boys from Array Energy who are installing Hyrdo Panels. She is also encouraging locals to keep an eye out for the Array Energy team. Everyone is encouraged to organise easy access to properties so the taps can be installed on the inside.

Check the link below for some background about the Hydropanel project or call 'Cam' from Array Energy on 0405 204 200 if you want to discuss the installation at your property.

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