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The term Yadhamayi comes from the Ngemba language and means 'Good Man'.  Many external providers have attempted to address issues such as drugs, alcohol, mental health, depression, and domestic violence within our community.  This has often been difficult because they have struggled to relate to those most at risk.  To address this shortfall some very 'good men' within the Brewarrina community have united to create 'Yadhamayi - the Good Man Group'.  This is all about getting the local indigenous men in brewarrina back to culture and using that as a tool to address the issues that we face on a daily basis.  Not only have we created a viable network that allows us to relate to local aboriginal men and their issues, but we have also created a productive platform that will enhance future service delivery in areas of men's health and wellbeing.  

The Cultural Connection

At Yadhamayi a big part of our program is based on connecting culture and community.  Whilst get back to our roots, we also encourage those we support to support others.  Not only do we help those who have lost their way, we also encourage them to help those in need.  Stay tuned for our 'Elder Support Program' to be commenced shortly.

Fun and Games

You can't take things too seriously, it will drive you crazy.  But if you look at alcohol or drugs as being the way you relax and have fun, well you will soon learn how bad that can be for you.  Come and join our crew.  We try not to take things too seriously and we are constantly looking for fun new things to try.  Stay tuned for our kayak expedition - coming soon.

Community Yarn-Up

The Yarn-up program is proving to be a big part of what we do.  Most are aware that men don't like to talk about their issues.  We create a 'no pressure' environment that entices community to talk to community.  We encourage all our mob to come along and join in on our 'Yarn-up' catchups.  Bre people talking with Bre people.  We are here to connect.

Tackling the big issues

It is sometimes difficult to get men to talk about those difficult topics.  The 'Good man group' has regular catch ups around the fire.  This is old school.  No expectations.  No pressure.  Just mob caring about mob.  Don't let your troubles brew to the point of 'no return'.  Come and have a chat with the team, it's time to come together and help each other.

Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness is a big issue in Brewarrina.  Without a functional fitness centre we are attempting to get our mob active - and we are leading the way.  We meet regularly and do a range of fitness activities and we love it.  Come on guys, if you're feeling a little out of shape, come along and join us.  There is no pressure except for a little bit of fun.

Follow us on Facebook

Yadhamayi does most of its updates on our facebook page.  If you want to follow our progress and see more of the great activities we conduct, click on the link below, follow us and support us as we work towards positive outcomes for the men in our community.


'Yadhamayi' commenced as a volunteer group.  We are seeking financial support to make this program viable into the future.  Brewarrina LALC is supporting our early development and financial governance.  We hope to demonstrate the value of our service over the next two years as we evolve to become a valuable community organisation.  Any financial support for programs or staff wages is greatly appreciated.  Contact John at Brewarrina LALC for more information.  


Pay The Rent

Yadhamayi sends out a huge thanks to 'Pay the Rent' who are generous supporters of our program.  These guys are awesome.  Check out there work at. . .


Brewarrina LALC

Many thanks for all the HR, Finance, Governance and logistical support.  At the moment all our work is out in the field.  To contact us, please call the LALC at. .

mobile:  0438 286 477

aboriginal affairs.png

Aboriginal Affairs

Many thanks to Aboriginal Affairs who have provided funding to facilitate community activities.  This support is really apprecaited and means we can create viable community programs.


Become a sponsor!

Are you looking to support an Aboriginal grass roots program?  Contact John at the LALC to discuss ways you can help the Bre mob.

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